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Katherine Watson demonstrates how to program water
Katherine Watson demonstrates how to program water

Tomato Experiment

Tomato Experiment provides visual evidence of the healing power you have in your hands

by Daphne Beall

          (These experiments with tomatoes were narrated and sent to us by Daphne Beall, a mathematics instructor for eight years at Yuba College in Marysville, California. In addition to being an academic instructor, for the last two years of those eight, she taught the Silva mind training system in Marysville. Many thanks to Ms. Beall for permission to present her observations to our graduates.)

     By way of preface in relating these experiments and their results, let me state that they were occasioned by a remark made by Jose Silva in a lecture that he presented in Laguna Hills, California in August 1974.
     Elaborating on the point that human energies can be focused and used for the purpose of healing, he suggested that we might observe the effects of humanly energized tap water and non energized tap water on a tomato. He indicated that going to the alpha brain wave level and energizing for twenty minutes the water placed in one container would affect the condition of a tomato in relation to a tomato placed in the same amount of non energized water.
     I decided to perform the experiment for myself and note the results.

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