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Jose Silva conducted research for 22 years and unlocked the secrets of how to help people bring out their natural abilities to function as psychics, and as holistic faith healers
Jose Silva, Founder
Ecumenical Society of Psy

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A healer in every home

     The Ecumenical Society of Psy is a non-profit association dedicated to promoting Jose Silva's Holistic Faith Healing System.

     Mr. Silva was an outstanding holistic faith healer, as well as the leading researcher in the field of ESP. Many people in his home town of Laredo, Texas, sought his services. Eventually he realized that far more people needed help than he was able to help personally. So he applied his research skills to develop a system that anybody can learn to use.

     "I realized that I couldn't personally help everybody who needs help," he said. "I also realzed that if I could train enough people to perform holistic faith healing so that he could have a healer in every home, then in that way I would be helping everybody."

     He went on to train and certify thousands of holistic faith healers prior to his passing in 1999. And now the Ecumenical Society of Psy is carrying on his mission with live seminars and the Home Study Course he instructed us to produce shortly before his passing so that everyone can now learn the techniques.

     You can become a better holistic faith healer, and also learn to perform distant healing, with Jose Silva's UltraMind ESP System, available in live seminars and a convenient Home Study Course.

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